If you look at today’s phones with shine as expensive and glossy cars. Many people choose to find a way to protect the back of how it will be today. Sanook! Hitech team has a way to maintain the back of the beautiful and fresh.

Use a damp cloth to gently wipe gently.

The purpose of this is to clean the dusty machine from the machine for a clean look.

Dried microfiber cloth water is wiped around again.


After cleaning the first step. Bring dry cloth to wipe gently to remove stains on the machine. So that the machine has no water stains and looks good even if it has not done anything.


If the skin is glossy, try wiping, wiping clean.

For those who have a sleek rear-facing phone such as the iPhone 7 Jet Black or a sleek phone like the Samsung Galaxy S8, and a very loving mobile, it’s worth to try car wax cleaners. But do not use too much. To slow the formation But do not do it often because it is wasteful, and it can sometimes make the slipper and the handle is not.

Choosing a clear case does not damage the skin.


Another thing to do is to put a rubber case, not a scratch on the machine. It is another option to keep the skin on the back of the machine to be less and clean.

It is not difficult for people who buy mobile to choose this unique color. Please try it too.